Cost Effective PDU Credits

Congratulations! All that dedication and studying you put into your PMI® Certification have finally paid off. But, remember this is not the end of the road. It’s important for you to continue your hard work, earn Professional Development Units (PDU) and maintain your PMI credential. This site helps you achieve that goal on your timeline and at a reasonable cost!


Special Offer: Get Access to 160 PDU Credits for Just $300

sand_toy Are you missing PDUs for your certification renewal ? Our exclusive Smart PDU Bundle contains more than 100 Category A courses including more than 150 credits to chose from, helping you meet the Professional Development Unit (PDU) requirements of maintaining your PMI credential. Select and finish any topic you want, download your certificate, claim the PDU credits on the PMI website and maintain your credential… Learn More.

Our Smart PDU Bundle is a self-paced training, providing you with the greatest convenience and flexibility to learn on your own schedule. Here are some of the features that you will get as part of this new exclusive bundle:
  • - 12 months of of 24/7 access to our user-friendly online training platform
  • - More than 100 high quality Courses and 150 Credits to chose from
  • - Printable Study Guides
  • - Digital note taking for each course
  • - Labs, Tests and Games
  • - Certificates of Completion
  • - You can also download the courses onto your iPad and watch them there while traveling or in a remote hotel, without even having access to the Internet !




Compare Our PDU Prices with Competition

dollar Our online training courses offer great quality at reasonable prices. The average market price per PDU for good quality courses ranges between $20-$80. We offer PDU courses that not only exceed your quality expectations, but cost an average of $2 to $15 per PDU. Here's a comparison with other products available in the market. This table does not include lower quality PDU courses (with no video/audio interactivity) that can be found on the internet:

Institution PDU Course (Example) Course Type Nb of PDUs Course Price(USD) Price per PDU
Springhouse Consulting Project Management for IT 3-Day Bootcamp 18 $1485 $83
Off-Peak Training Risk Management 2-Day Bootcamp 14 $1100 $79
Cheetah Learning Risk Management Online Training 40 $2870 $72
Bay 3000 MS Project 2007 1-Day Bootcamp 7 $395 $56
RMC Project Management Business Analysis Fundamentals Online Live 18 $999 $55
MindEdge Online Project Management for IT Online Training 25 $499 $20
PMTI MS Project 2007 Online Training 16 $299 $19
Smart PDU Bundle Access to 100 Courses Online Training 150 $300 $2 MS Project 2010 Online Training 9 $135 $15 IT Project Management Essentials Online Training 6 $90 $15



Earn PDU Credits Online!

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    Chose A Topic

    As a Project Management Professional (PMP) there are certain skills that you need in order to advance your career. Learning those skills through shrink-wrapped dry books and manuals is neither easy nor fast. Our online PDU courses help you learn any topic in management or business quickly and conveniently. Just decide what topic you want to learn, and our online PDU classes will take you through a series of interesting and video-based trainings.

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    Take The PDU Course

    We deliver highly interactive online PDU trainings, with graphic-based videos, and sophisticated tracking and grading capabilities built right in. Let our PDU e-learning platform help you save time, while controlling when and where you learn. You can learn at your own pace, stop, rewind, and replay segments as often as you need to. You can take the training from the comfort of your home or at your hotel room with a computer and an internet connection.

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    Submit to PMI

    Complete any of the PDU courses from our library, then download your Certificate of Completion. This internationally recognized certificate is provided by Skillsoft Corporation which is a Registered Education Provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a pioneer in the field of eLearning with a long history of innovation. We will also guide on how to submit your PDUs to the PMI and how to renew your certification in no time.

What Do You Want To Learn Today:
Training Platform

PDU Training Platform

Our online PDU courses have been designed to be played online through your web browser and do not require that any special uncommon software be installed on your computer to play the course. A high-speed internet connection provides a better performance. Our training platform (Skillport) is designed for the individual user, and offers access to relevant learning tools within a vast library, which is accessed by more than thirteen million end users worldwide. In the Progress area, you can monitor your progress and view the transcripts of your learning activities. Learn More !

NASBA credits

PDU Training Providers

All our PDU courses have been created by Registered Education Providers (R.E.P) of the PMI.
An R.E.P. is an organization approved by PMI to issue Professional Development Units (PDUs) for its training courses. Courses offered by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) are preapproved to fulfill the continuing certification requirements (CCR) for PMI credentials. The R.E.P. program was designed to enhance the ongoing professional development of those credentialed through PMI and others in the project management profession.

Microsoft Certifications

MS Project 2010 MCTS

Earn 14 PDUs but also get prepared for becoming a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) by taking MCTS Exam 70-187 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects. You learn to build schedules, communicate effectively with everyone involved, chart your progress, and keep track of budget and project materials. This course will show you how to use this complex tool to save time and maximize your projects’ success. If you are preparing for the MCTS Exam 70-187 this course also offers a TestPrep feature to test your knowledge. Learn More !

PMI PDU Credits

PMI PDU Credits

If you hold a PMI Certification and if you’re falling further and further behind getting your required Professional Development Units (PDU) then you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to offer many business courses that provide credits for your PMI certification renewal. Choose the topic that will help you the most at this stage of your career, take our online course and exam, and complete your recertification process for your 3-year cycle. Learn More ! 

HCRI Credits

PDU Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive full PDU credit from the PMI for all our courses, or your money back.
Our training courses are created by a Registered Education Provider (REP) of the PMI. No one has ever reported having even a single PDU from our online courses rejected by the PMI. All you need to do is to choose what you want to learn, what will help you the most right now. Then just take the course and keep your documentation in case of audit.

Bar Charts

Special Certifications

We offer several courses covering special topics such as the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) exam, The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Our online courses will ensure that you are well prepared to attend these exams, and they will provide you with the confidence to pass with a high likelihood of success. Check this 3-min sample training: Watch Demo !


Procrastinators: Get 1 Free PDU for Every 10 PDU that you Buy

procrastinator is a person who delays or puts things off - like work, collecting PDUs, chores or other actions — that should be done in a timely manner. Have you been postponing your PDU collecting activities, thinking to yourself that you will do it "someday" ? For a limited time get 1 PDU for FREE for every 10 PDU that your purchase on our site. The bonus PDU courses are in Category A and have been approved by the PMI. To learn more click below.



PMI PDU Courses Online

With the flexibility to fit around your work and family schedules, there is no better option for improving your skillset than online classes. We are proud to offer a large number of online courses that provide Professional Development Unit (PDU) credits. Furthermore, our courses are constantly being improved to keep you current with any changing laws or recent developments in the field, so you can be sure that the content has been designed to meet your specific requirements. It is our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective way to fulfill your PDU earning requirements. Our new course library accomplishes this by providing you with graphic-based video trainings, instant online grading, certificates of completion, credit tracking, and much more... all that at an incredibly low price, and right now at 50% discount !